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1....How much force needed to bring a 3200 lb car from rest to a velocity of 44 m/s in 8 sec.?
2....A ball with a mass of 2 kg move to the right with a speed of 2 m/s. It hits a ball of mass 0.50 kg which is at rest. After collision the second ball moves to the right with a speed of 1 m/s. What happens to the first ball?...Suppose that the 2 balls stick together moves as one after collision, what is their final velocity?


    1. Force*time=changemomentum

    2. Momentum is conserved.


    1. Impulse = force x time
    = momentum change

    Apply the formula

    2. Total momentum remains the same.

    In the second case,
    M1* (2 m/s) = (M1 + M2)*Vfinal
    Vfinal = (2/2.5)* 2 m/s = __

    Try doing the first case yourself. Make sure + is right and - is left for velocity.

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