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I posted a question on flying fish and Sra answered me this morning, and she sent me a browse that she typed in but nothing there was helpful...Does anybody else know if flying fish can communicate and if so how?..Thank you!

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    One link talked about fish that live deeper in the sea about their using color, olfactory, etc. But I did find that in the site I gave you this morning about jumping fish, it did say "yes, fish communicate."

    How do flying fish jump out of the water?
    Their pectoral fins enable the fish to take gliding flights above the surface of the water, in order to escape from predators.!
    Answered - 193 days ago at 10:33pm on Aug 07 2010 from

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    Do sailfin flying fish communicate?

    Some fish communicate by making sounds with their swim bladde...

    2. the Oriental Flying Gurnard is also said to be able to make a grunting sound which they use to communicate with one another.

    You had to read several of them because the answer was hiding, but the answer is YES.


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