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How did the British Govnt react to the ninety-two resolutions?

This is one question which has stumped me, I cant seem to find the answer.

I had that it replied bak with ten resoultions not accepting the rights of the assembly...not sure...

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    This article gives a little more information.

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    Does the answer lay in this paragraph?

    On February 28, 1834, Papineau presented the Ninety-Two Resolutions to the Legislative Assembly. They were approved and then sent to London. The resolutions included, among other things, demands for an elected Legislative Council and an Executive Council responsible before the house of representatives. Under the Constitutional Act of 1791, the government of Lower Canada was given an elected legislative assembly, but members of the upper houses were appointed by the Governor of the colony.

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    These sentences answer it better:

    "British Colonial Secretary Lord Russell eventually responded to them by issuing ten resolutions of his own (the Russell Resolutions). All of the Legislative Assembly's demands were rejected."

    Wikisource has original text related to this article:
    The Ninety-Two Resolutions

    -- From the above Wikipedia article.

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    Thanks Ms. Sue:)

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    You're welcome, Sara.

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