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Discuss whether the minimum wage will reduce the poverty trap?

I need 3 ways for and 3 ways against

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    If you post your ideas, we'll be glad to comment or add to them.

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    Ok sorry about that.
    So far I have that is the minimum wage is increased then those who get benefits will nnot receive them anymore as they are having higher incomes.

    I also said that increasing the minimum wage will reduce the poverty trap because it gives employees an incentive to work.

    I just can't think of any more reasons

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    Some employers argue that they cannot afford to hire as many people if the minimum wage rises.

    Raising the minimum wage also raises the wages of those employees who have been paid over the minimum. Good for the employees, but no so for the employers.

    The minimum wage is still not enough to live on.

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    so how is that trying to reduce the poverty trap and how is not?

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    Another point -- a minimum-wage job helps the employee develop skills and work ethics so that s/he can be promoted or advance to a higher paying job. Also, these employees show children and peers the advantages of working and learning and advancing.

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