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Please read for any errors. And correct them. I really would appreciate it.

We are considering updating our computer system. We have computer stations that are presently stand-along stations. We would like to discuss with you the cost of networking 25 new computers with your most advanced operating system. Please callmy assistance to make an appointment sometime next week to discuss the various models that you have available and to discuss the most appropriate software to accomplish our required tasks. Please include the latest version of Windows in your estimate. We would like your recommendation for spreadsheet and database programs after you appraise our needs. We look forward to meeting with you next week.


    stand "along?"


    I thought a dash suppose to go in between stand along.
    I changed callmy to call my
    Changed assistance to assistant


    Read this aloud: "We have computer stations that are presently stand-along stations."

    Why is "along" incorrect?


    I don't know it just seem like it should.



    Work on pronunciation -- both how you pronounce words and listen carefully to how others pronounce them. If you mispronounce words, you are likely to misspell them.


    O ok I got you yes I understand. You are right about that

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