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Please read for any errors. And correct them. I really would appreciate it.

After talking with you, I feel I must again apprise you of the importance of keeping in mind that you should not overdo your initial engagement in strenuous exercise. If you start gradually, jogging will be beneficial to your health. If you overdo you activities initial you may actually prolong your recovery period.
When you come for your next appointment I will appraise your progress. At that time we may need to make some minor adjustment in your medication schedule.


    Your first sentence is too wordy. I would use a more common word than "apprise." The third sentence has a typo.

    The rest is o.k. But can you find a better word than "appraise?"


    The reason I used appraise is because I am transcriping a message and that is the word that the person said. Ok and yes I found the typo you=your.


    Yes, you've corrected the typo.

    I still think appraise is too formal for this message.

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