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Japan became a peaceful, democratic nation relatively quickly after the end of World War II. Which step was not part of its postwar transformation?

disarming most of the military

adopting a new constitution

giving women the right to vote

giving the emperor more political power... is this right?

  • History- check my answer, please! -

    Correct. It is a constitutional monarchy.


  • History- check my answer, please! -

    What was the Great Leap Forward?

    Mao’s plan to transform China into a modern, industrialized nation

    Secretary of State Marshall’s effort to rebuild Europe after World War II

    Stalin’s plan to industrialize the Soviet Union (Is this right)?

    General MacArthur’s plan to restructure Japan

  • History- check my answer, please! -

    In 2005, the U.S. Census Bureau estimated the world's population to be approximately

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