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Two cars are traveling in opposite directions on a two lane road. Car A starts from the origin at t =0 and accelerates (moving due East) from rest at 4 m/s2. At t = 0, Car B is moving due West with a velocity of 15 m/s and is 500 m east of car A but accelerating toward the west at 3 m/s2.
a. When do the cars pass by each other?
b. Where are the cars when they pass by each other?
c. How fast is each car traveling when they pass by each other?

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    a. Write equations for the locations of cars A and B vs. time. Set them equal and solve for t.

    b. Use the t solution from a to solve for location (using either of the location vs t equations).

    c. VA = 4t
    VB = -15 - 3t

    Use those equations and the time t from part a, to get VA and VB. Positive velocity is to the east.

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