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What's the difference between lay and lie? and if you had..Tonya has___out in the sun since noon. which one do you use in past tense?

  • Grade 11 English 3 -

    The difference between lie and lay is probably the toughest in the English language.

    In your sentence you need the past participle of "lie."

    Tonya has lain . . .

    Study this site -- and keep it handy.

  • Grade 11 English 3 -

    OMG thanks!

  • Grade 11 English 3 -

    You're welcome.

    But -- please do not switch screen names.

  • Grade 11 English 3 -

    yes ma'am...i just found this website today..sorry..

  • Grade 11 English 3 -

    Welcome! :-)

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