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Find the equation of the line.
find equation of form y=ax+b, where a is slope, and b is intercept, which passes through points (x1, y1) = (-8, -6) and (x2, y2) = (0, 0)

slope 0-(-6)/0-(-8)= 3/4
how would I write it?
y=3/4x or y=3/4x+0 ?

  • intermediate algebra-check my answer -

    y = ax + b
    m = 3/4

    y = 3/4 x + b
    You need to find b for this equation.
    Substitute one of the given points into your equation and solve for b.

    Then use that b value for your equation.

  • intermediate algebra-check my answer -

    I don't get a value for b, What am I missing?

  • intermediate algebra-check my answer -

    You were given the points,
    (x1, y1) = (-8, -6) and (x2, y2) = (0, 0)

    y = 3/4 x + b
    Use one of the given points, for example,
    (-8, -6)

    Solve for b
    -6 = 3/4(-8) + b
    b = 0

    Therefore, the equation is
    y = 3/4 x + 0
    y = 3/4 x

    I guess I miss-understood you. I didn't realize that you had already found the b value to be zero. (Since you didn't state that b = 0 originally). I shouldn't have assumed.

  • intermediate algebra-check my answer -

    Ok thanks

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