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The hypotenuse if a right triangle measures 9 inches and one of the acute angles measures 36 degress. What is the area if the triangle? Round to the nearest square inch.

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    I'll find one side.

    Triangle ABC,
    angle A = 36
    side c (hypotenuse) = 9

    To find side a (opposite side)
    sin A = op/hyp = a/c = a/9
    sin 36 = a/9
    0.5878 = a/9
    9 * 0.5878 = a
    a = 5.2902

    Area = 1/2 bh
    In this case, (right triangle)
    A = 1/2 ab (side a, side b)

    I found side a, you need to find side b.

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