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Can anyone give me details or tell me what else should I talk/ more information on something. I ran out of ideas/ thoughts. This is what I got.

What media would you use for your communication skills to advertise?

I would used the television for my communication skills to advertise because most people would watch television. If there was no television for me to advertise how would people hear about the products. So I would prefer using television instead of putting on newspaper, the radio or even on the internet. If I advertise a product I would say "try this product before you buy it." I would say this because what if people do not like the product then it would be a waste of their time to watch the advertisement.

I always see advertisement on television about trash bag product called Glad. The phrase they use on television don't get mad, get glad. I thought it was interesting phrase for advertising of the product. When I saw this advertisement, I want to buy it because mostly trash bags would rip if it is too heavy and that is why they used the phrase don't get mad, get glad, so people would buy this trash bag from glad brand. My experience with this trash bag brand glad is I never really get to put heavy stuff in the bag because I only put donated clothes in the trash bag.

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