Ms. Sue

posted by Sara

Ms. Sue, as you know Im working on the diaries of the immigrant experience.
What Id like to know is that how did pioneers start businesses?
My person has lots of grain, and so I could start a business with that, be a grain merchant, but how does this business start?

Also could I be a grain merchant, farmer and work in a Grist Mill?

  1. Ms. Sue

    This pioneer might start by selling grain that he stored in his barn. Word-of-mouth and maybe a few fliers tacked to walls and fence posts would advertise his business. But soon, he would probably build a small building in town for storing and selling grain.

    He would probably be a farmer and also might work in a grist mill.

  2. Sara

    Thanks so much Ms. Sue:)

  3. Ms. Sue

    You're welcome, Sara.

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