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My problem I have involves a method that requires using the quadratic equations that comes from India. Here the problem that I have to solve : x to the second power plus 12x minus 64 equals 0

I need someone to walk me through each step to arrived to the answer for this problem x to the second power plus 12x minus 64 equals 0

. The method for solving quadratic equations came from India. The steps are:
step one is Move the constant term to the right side of the equation.
step two is Multiply each term in the equation by four times the coefficient of the x2 term.
step three is Square the coefficient of the original x tern and add it to both sides of the equation.
step four is Take the square root of both sides.
step five is Set the left side of the equation equal to the positive square root of the number on the right side and solve for x.
step six is Set the lift side of the equation equal to the negative square root of the number on the right side of the equation and solve for x.

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    It would be written online as x^2 +12x - 64 = 0

    From the way you have described the directions, I don't think I could do it either.

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    70/54 in lowest terms

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