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i appreciate someone can help me this solving problems god will always be with u to give good health and wealth as well questions below thanks a lot....

i. A business man bought her wife a Mudrah spa kit on credit. He also bought her 18yr old daughter a Lipgloss (958php) and the 2011 make-up set collection (3695php) and paid cash for these items.
ii. An old lady bought her daughter, a foundation light cream (1500php) and a lipstick (675php). She also bought her niece an organic shampoo (350php) and organic conditioner (455php) and a 3 in1 eye liner brush (995php). The old lady bought herself a set of brushes (2500php) and a Mudra Spa Kit. She paid the 2000php on credit and paid the rest in cash.
iii. An actress bought a goat soap (659php) on credit.

Discounts :

b. for the total discounts that the following customers can avail and the Net price for that they have to pay.
2. Today is the 35th Anniversary sale of Mudrah House of Beauty. The store offers different discounts / promo. The first one is 10% discount to all cash purchases and 5% discounts to all credit card purchases for the day. It also offers discounts for those who holds a special anniversary card : 2% discount for purchases amounting to 500php-999php, 5% discount for purchases amounting to 1000-2000php. 10% discount for purchases amounting to 2000-5000php and 20% discount for purchases above 5000php. An additional 8% discount on items purchases is given to those who will purchase their new product “ Mudrah Spa kit” amounting to 3500php.

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    What kind of an absurd question is this?

    To quote Ralphie from "A Christmas Story",
    "A crummy commercial? "

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    Its called Math Story Problems

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