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please can anyone kindly help me to get the answer of this word problem,i would like someone to help me please for the word problem below......

Pat and Eric bought a large pizza that has 12 slices.Jane and Eric ate all the pizza .If Jane ate 4/6 slices, how much did Eric eat? Who ate more pizza?
Answer.12= 4/6

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    Your answer of
    "Answer.12= 4/6" makes no sense, 12 ≠ 4/6,
    nor does it actually answer the question.

    Jane ate 4/6 or 8/12 of the pizza.
    Since the pizza had 12 slices, she ate 8 of them.
    So Eric must have eaten 4 slices.

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    jackie finds 2/3 of pizza in the fridge. she eats 1/3 of it. what fraction of the whole pizza was left?

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