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what is the molality of a solution of 50.0 grams of propanol in 152 mL water if the density of wate is 1.0 g/mL and the density of the solution is 0.78 g/mL

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    m = moles/kg solvent
    moles propanol = g/molar mass propanol = ??.
    m = ??moles/0.152

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    I am not sure what to do with the density of the solution of 0.78 g/mL.
    The answer I came up with is 5.47 mol/kg. I found the density of the water in grams then I converted it to kg (152 x .001 = .152. I divided 50 g by the molar mass of 60.09502 g/mol = .8320 moles. Next, I divided that by .152. However, I didn't use the .78 g/mL beacause I am not sure what to do with it. Please explain.

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    5.47 molal is correct. You don't need the density of the solution.

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