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math 5th grade

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One morning, 8/9 of the customers at the diner ordered coffee. Regular coffee was ordered three times as much as flavored coffee. What fractional part of the customers orderd flavored coffee?
I did it this way 8/9x3/1= 24/9=8/3 I got 2 2/3
It is wrong so please show me how to do this problem

  • math 5th grade -

    R=Regular coffee

    F=Flavored coffee




    4F=8/9 Divide with 4





    R=2/3 F=2/9


  • math 5th grade -

    First off, 8 out of 9 customers ordered coffee, not 8/9 of a customer, as that doesn't make sense, (maybe one customer forgot his wallet, lol)customers are whole numbers and not fractional, use your brain.

    So: R+F=8 and,
    3F=R, thus substituting 3F for R,
    3F+F=8 or 4F=8 or F=2
    If F=2, then R=6 since 3(2)=6
    Since the question is asking not the total number of customers ordering flavored coffee,(which is 2) but what FRACTIONAL part of the customers total(which is 8) that ordered flavored coffee, the answer would be 2/8 or 1/4 of the customers.

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