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Identify the main purpose of a persuasive essay and the elements necessary for it to be effective.

Above is the question I had to answer. Here is what I wrote. I am looking for a second opinion if it reads well and covers the question adequately. Thanks...

A persuasive essay has only one purpose, and that is to convince an audience with a particular point of view to embrace my point of view. In order to write an effective essay, as the writer I must do my homework on the topic. Having a strong familiarity of both sides of the topic will allow me to present possible oppositions to the argument.
To create a well-written persuasive essay it is imperative you know and understand the audience’s point of view. The thesis statement must be strong and provide some supporting information to catch the attention of the audience.
Present your views in a concise and direct manner using non-debatable facts. Explaining all the while, why your position is the correct position. After presenting your supporting points and facts, developing a paragraph to explain and then refute the most significant opposing view is necessary to convince the audience. In closing, repeat your point of view and supporting facts and attempt to leave the reader more associated with the subject from your perspective.

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    I'd get rid of "as the writer" in the first paragraph -- it's redundant.

    Rephrase all places where "you" or "your" show up -- get rid of all 2nd-person references. You started out like this: "to embrace my point of view ... I must do my homework on the topic" -- 1st-person references. Don't switch to 2nd-person.

    This is very namby-pamby: "... attempt to leave the reader more associated ..." You need to have a more forceful conclusion, just as a persuasive essay needs to have a forceful conclusion.

    Check this out:
    (argumentative = persuasive)

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    Thank you... It is funny you mentioned the 2nd person as I read it after I posted, I thought the same thing and was correcting that as I waited on a reply. I never gave thought about the redundant issue. Now I am thinking about a better closing. Thanks again for the tips.

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    You're very welcome.

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