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Solve the equation, give your answer as a fraction in its lowest terms:

x-2= 4x+7/6 (the whole part 4x+7 is over the 6)

I'm getting -6 !!

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    write it this way
    x-2= (4x+7)/6
    multiply both sides by 6
    6x-12 = 4x+7
    2x = 19
    x = 19/2 or 9.5

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    Thanks for that. hopefully I'll get a better grasp of equations soon!!

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    your answer is x=19/2 becouse 6 is only your LCD number. Then to solve this equation you put 6(x-2)=6(4x+7)/6. the part of 6(4x+7) is over 6. then on your lelf handside you divide 6 by 6. Then you gona lelf with 6(x-2)=(4x+7). When you multiply on your right handside you will have 6x-12=4x+7 i thnk is easy now to find your answer.

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    Thanks. The final answer is 8 (if I'm right) but that means its not a fraction. so do I have to do something else or am I that bad at maths that I'm wrong again!!

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    Marian, the final answer is not 8, it is 19/2 or 9.5

    let x=8,
    LS = 8-2 = 6
    RS = (4(8)+7)/6 = 39/6

    so LS ≠ RS if x=8

    if x= 9.5
    LS = 9.5 -2 = 7.5
    RS = (4(9.5)+7)/6 = 45/6 = 7.5
    LS = RS if x=9.5

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    Thanks that helps me a lot!

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