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Algebra II

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Solve each equation. Check for extraneous solutions.


My answers were: x=6 and x=.5
I don't think they are right though, but I should get 2 answers right???....Help!

  • Algebra II -

    6 is correct.

    If you check your answers, you will find that .5 (1/2) is not a solution.

    You must always check your answers in the original problem.

  • Algebra II -

    So i wouldn't have 2 answers?

  • Algebra II -

    One answer, x = 6.

    .5 or 1/2 is an extraneous solution (not a valid solution).

    If you are asked specifically if there are any extraneous solutions, then you would list it as such.

    I've never had a problem ask for extraneous solutions, since it's not a solution to the problem.

  • Algebra II -

    ok so would |2y-3|=3y-2 be y=-1??

  • Algebra II -

    No, y = -1 is an extraneous solution.

    y = 1, is the answer.

  • Algebra II -


    Would be: w= 5\4

  • Algebra II -

    How would I solve:

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