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How does the decription of a setting of a short story reflect or relate to the different conflicts occuring in the story?
Can you give some examples, if you can.
pls help

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    The setting sets the mood for the story. Poe was a master at setting a scary setting for his frightening stories.

    What have you read that is an example of a mood determined by the setting?

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    the story" the guest" took place in algeria at the plateau region. it is very snowy in this egion and the people in this region are experiencing drought so administrations from france bring them bags of wheat.

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    How does this setting relate to the conflict in the story?

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    is it individual vs. society. which i guess it means that the main character in the story" Daru" has a conflict between him and his environment since it is snowy and the people are suffering. is this right?

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    Individual vs. society has nothing to do with theme.

    How does the author describe the setting -- the snow, drought, etc.?

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