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Could I know what this means?
Like I think it means no more existance or something, but how do I rephrase my awkwardy definition?

What things are becoming obsolote?
Home land line phones
Could You give me a link to where I can find what other things are becoming non existance?

in nxt 10 years, items that I think will become nonexistance are definitely mp3 players. Because nowadays everyone is buying iphones, i pod touches. So mp3s don't matter anymore, no one really cares to purchase them as much. I don't even think i pod touches will exist.

I cant think of what other things will become non existant.

positive and negative advantages of obsolensce on the customer world, financial system, and the earth at large?

what would be positive?
will I think that there would definitely be changes in demands by customers. The demands would be quite high.

What would be negative?
confusing items....like people who were used to the old items, may not like the use of the modern stuff?

  • Obsolescence -

    You have a good start.

    Will the desk top computer be obsolete in 10 years? (I hope not.)

    What about gasoline-powered cars?

    This article has some interesting speculations.


  • Obsolescence -

    Alright, thanks but I still don't get the postive and negative stuff?

    I don't know?:\

  • Obsolescence -

    The positives, in my opinion, is to make people's lives easier.

    The negatives are that all of these new innovations cost money. People will go more into debt to buy them, and people who can't go into debt and don't have the money will go without. The difference between the middle class and the poor will increase.

  • Obsolescence -


  • Obsolescence -

    You're welcome.

    Another positive is that American tech people keep their jobs and manufacturing people in China keep their jobs.

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