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Hello. Please help me with grammar.
I know that "consider" is often used with "be" (for example, I consider her to be beautiful. They consder the plan to be very helpful.) Is it possible to use any other verb in this pattern, for example, "They conser the plan to help many people." (Does it sound natural? Meaning: They consider the plan will help many people.
Thank you for all your answers.

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    Consider means think.

    Substitute "think" in any of those sentences and see what happens.

    There are also synonyms that would work. Go to and enter "consider" and "think." You'll find other words that mean about the same thing.

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    With "think" and other words, you'll have to adjust the wording in the rest of the sentence. Examples:

    I consider her to be beautiful.
    I think she is beautiful.

    They consider the plan to be helpful.
    They think the plan will be very helpful to many people.

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