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A damp washcloth is hung over the edge of a table to dry. Thus, part (mass = mon) of the washcloth rests on the table and part (mass = moff) does not. The coefficient of static friction between the table and the washcloth is 0.395. Determine the maximum fraction [moff/mtotal] that can hang over the edge without causing the whole washcloth to slide off the table.

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    Net force down = static friction force ,because there will be a balance of tension forces at the edge.

    moff*g = (mtot-moff)*g*(0.395)

    (mtot/moff) -1 = 1/0.395 = 1.532
    mtot/moff = 2.532
    moff/mtot = 0.395

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  • physics! (69) -

    that is wrong

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