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Can you please check if these are correct? Thank you.

1) Outline briefly what the Romantics showed an interest in and what they reacted against. Refer then to how they viewed nature and man, with particular reference to childhood.
2) Describe how Kurtz's personality changes in Conrad's Heart of Darkness dwelling upon those episodes in his life which are significant of this change.
3) When was the Education Act passed and what did it state (sanction?)
(Education was made compulsory for children between the age of five and ten.)
4)Where were most schools located in Victorian times and what values were they based on?
5) Describe how Mr Gradgrind is portrayed by Dickens in Chapter 2 of "Hard Times". What is his surname symbolic of? How does he address his pupils and what kind of philosophy does he embody? Refer finally to the contrasting depiction of Sissy and Bitzer.
6) What does the term "Victorian" refer to? What did the Victorian code of values consist of?
7) How is Coketown described by Dickens in "Hard Times". What is the significance of the Coketown imagery. What values prevail in Coketown?

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    2) comma after Darkness might make it easier to read?

    3) between the ages...


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