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Coould someone please let me know if I did this equation correctly. This question relates the topic of "Are you Sure It's Fat Free". To analyze the protein content I used 4 calories per gram of protein, rather than the 9 calories for gram fat.

(Chunk Light Tuna in Water)

wieght single serving size-- 2.5Total calories----------------80
Fat content--------------0.5 gram
Protien content-------------16 grams

Chunk Light Tuna in Water
Serving Size 2 oz (56g about ΒΌ cup), total calories 70, fat content 2g, protein 12g
Fat content = 2g
Fat calories = 2*9 = 18
% of calories from fat content = (18/80)*100 = 22.5%
Protein content = 12g
Protein calories = 12*4 = 48
% of calories in protein content = (48/80)*100 = 60%

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