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The manager of Fresh Foods, a grocery store in Utah, is considering expanding store hours from the present 7 A.M. to 11 P.M schedule to a 24-hour shopping. Based on information from Information Resources, Inc., a national market research firm, the estimated number of customers per hour would be as shown in the following table. Display the data in a way that would help the Board of Directors make a decision about the proposal. Are there any limitations on the use of these data for this business decision?

Hour beginning - Number of shoppers
midnight - 3
1am - 3
2am - 3
3am - 3
4am - 3
5am - 3
6am - 3
7am - 35
8am - 70
9am - 140
10am - 210
11am - 280
noon - 252
1pm - 224
2pm - 168
3pm - 224
4pm - 196
5pm - 224
6pm - 168
7pm - 112
8pm - 56
9pm - 28
10pm - 14
11pm - 3

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