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Identify the topic sentence in the paragraph:

Please let me know if I have the right answer. Thanks

3. Individuals can be denied credit for a number of reasons. (Topic sentence starts here---->"Individuals who are near limits on existing cards, have too much outstanding debt or too many accounts overall, have a history of late payments, charge-offs or bankruptcy are likely to be denied credit."<-----Topic sentece ends here) Individuals denied credit, by law, will receive a letter documenting the reason for the denial under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Individuals who receive that letter should then examine the reasons for the denial and make efforts to correct their credit.

2. Recent economic concerns prompted President Obama to meet with credit card industry executives in April 2009. (Topic sentence starts here--->"The national credit card delinquency rate has continued to grow in recent times, and the president, along with Congress, aims to end unfair fees and increases in interest rates.<--- Topic sentence ends here)In addition, the president asked that all terms, disclosures, and statements be clear and easy to read for consumers. Confusing terms, often laid out in fine print, are believed to have led to the nation’s rising debt and delinquency.

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    Topic sentences in paragraphs are almost always the first sentence. Please explain why you believe the second sentence in each paragraph is that paragraph's topic sentence rather than the first sentence.

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