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A large metal ball is shot from a cannon with a short barrel. If the same ball were to be shot from cannon with a longer barrel, its muzzle velocity would be
a. less.
b. more.
c. the same.
d. impossible to determine without additional information.

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    d. is the only possible answer. Consider this, what if the barrel were extended two miles long, would its muzzle velocity...

    It is impossible to determine the answer.

    I am pretty certain I know what the test writer was looking for (force*time), but he failed to ask it .

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    Strictly speaking, d. It depends upon the amount of explosive used and the amount of friction in the barrel. If you explode the same amount of gunpowder and one cannon barrel is VERY short, the longer barrel will have a large muzzle velocity unless friction is high. A cannon would not be expected to have high friction compared to the gas pressure force.

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