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100 lb of loose gravel can fill a 1-ft^3 box. Its specific gravity is 2.68. What is the dry rodded weight?

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    "The dry rodded unit weight of aggregate is determined by compacting dry aggregate into a container of a known specific volume according to standard procedures."

    It is not known if the gravel was compacted as per standards into the 1 ft³ container. If it was, the dry rodded unit weight is 100 lb/ft³. If it was not, the dry rodded weight is likely to be slightly higher, but in any case, not exceeding 62.4*2.68=167 lb/ft³.

    The specific gravity refers to the specific gravity of the material, i.e. a solid chunk of the material, without voids.

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    Thanks so much, I was confused and then I used specific gravity formula and i got 167 lb.

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    You're very welcome!

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