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I need to write an essay, and I would appreciate if you would not send me to links, please. Here is the question:

Write an article explaining how the United States’ containment policy affected one major aspect of the Cold War (Truman Doctrine, Marshall Plan, Restructuring of Japan, Korean War, Hungarian Revolution, or the Berlin Wall). The thesis statement of your article should state whether or not the events related to that aspect of the Cold War could be considered part of the United States’ policy of containment.
Write a clear, well-organized essay that contains a description of the containment policy and a description or explanation of how it did or did not affect the events.

PLEASE DO NOT write me an article- that is cheating. I want my aspect to be about the Berlin Wall, and I need more information. Please include enough information so I can write at least 3 paragraphs. Thank you sooo much!

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