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Quick survey assignment for math class regarding significant age gaps.

Last minute assignment that requires me to collect raw data for the class, if anyone at all would be willing to spare a few moments to answer these questions, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you again in advance.
1) Have you ever been in a relationship where your significant other was older than you by a few years? ( Including 1-20+ year age gaps ) (If you answered Yes, please ignore Question 2 & Question 3)
2) If not, would you consider the possibility of dating someone of interest who you knew was older by a substantial amount?
3) If not, this concludes the end of the survey, Thank you again for your input.
4) What was the age gap between you and your significant other?
5) How old were you when you began the relationship with that person?
6) On a scale of 1-10 (1 being a complete disaster and 10 being a wonderful experience) Please rate your current or previous relationship on it's level of happiness and content.

  • Psychology survey? -

    This definitely is not Math.

    1. No
    4. 2 years
    5. 18
    6. 9, we have been married for 53 years.

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