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I am doing a 3rd grade science project on the Sun. I have to create a "visual". I want to compare the size of the earth to the size of the sun. I found that you could put 1,000,000 earths inside the Sun.
I would like to fill a container [representing the Sun] with something like M&M's or cereal like Trix.
I found that the diameter of Trix is 6/8", am I correct that I would need a 300 gallon container?
Can anyone think of any other small piece of candy that would be a good representation of the Earth which wouldn't require a 300 gallon container?

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    How about peppercorns, each with a diameter of about 1/8 inch?

    How about shredded paper?

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    Grains of rice?

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    what about nerds

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    the candy nerds

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