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Business-Ms. Sue

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Ms. Sue you know how yesterday you and I both worked on the natural resources, capitol, etc.
Well I listed some things like cell phones etc. which were not connected with the production of an automobile.

This is my assignment: List factors of production required to produce a particular good. The product which I've chosen is an automobile.

I have to write the raw materials(land) that are used to manufacture the good. Then I have to write the various jobs that people perform in the production of that good(labour). Then I have to describe the equipment and technology(capital) needed to change raw materials into the finished good.

My work:


Land - Petroleum-based products(plastics, vinyls), Iron, Rubber, Coal(for fuel/heat), fossil fuels.

Labour - management, construction, manufacturing, production, computer designing,

Capitol - Factory, Assembly plant,

What else have I missed?

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