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Thank you very much. Here are some more sentences I'm not sure of.

1) Jason was very rude because he pushed Mickey. Mickey dropped the milkshake on the floor. Storm picked up the milkshake and poured it over Jason. The manager fired them both.
2)When I go to the supermarket, I take (get) a trolley or a plastic basket first and then I go to the meat and fish counters.
3) I get a ticket and wait for my turn. I usually pay cash but sometimes by credit card.
4) There is a supermarket at 23 of the main street, opposite the shoe shop and in front of the town museum. The supermarket is on (or in?) the main street.
5) I put some oil in a pan. I turn on the gas and I place (?) the pan on the flame (?). When the oil is warm (?) I put the cutlet in the pan and I let it cook on a law flame for three minutes on each side.
6)My mum prepares a (?) vegetable soup (how do you call a soup with legumes?) for me every day. I just need to heat it up (warm it over) in the microwave oven.

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    your sentences are good check your punctuations

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    4) definitely ON the main streete
    supermarket at 23 of the main street? (a bit strange that I know the number of the building, but do not know the name of the street.

    5) not law flame but LOW flame

    6) a vegetable soup OR just: prepares vegetable soup

    Everything else IS fine.


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