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Hello! I need help in identifying the elements of poetry in this poem. :O Please help..


Tissue of no seam and skin
Of no scale she weaves this:
Dream of a huntsman pale
That in his antlered
Mangrove waits

And I cannot touch him.

Lengths of the dumb and widths
Of the deaf are his hair
Where wild orchids thumb
Or his parted throat surprise
To elegiac screaming
Only birds of

And I cannot wake him.

Shades of the light and shapes
Of the rain on his palanquin
Stain what phantom panther
Sleeps in the cage of
His skin and immobile

And I cannot bury him.

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    I see repetition -- lines 7, 15, and 22. This is an element of rhythm.

    This poem has a clear rhythm to it in each stanza, and all three stanzas have a rhythm similar to the others.

    I don't see any rhyme.

    You should scan through these websites to see if you find literary elements:



    (Broken Link Removed)
    Look through Tone, Symbolism, Theme, Imagery, and Figurative Language

    Let us know what else you discover.

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    The poem is about lifetime goals. well, that's what the author said in an interview..

    does the poem use connotation, metaphor and symbolism?

  • Poetry -

    Probably. Are you crystal clear on what those are?

  • Poetry -

    In case you are NOT clear on that literary terminology, try some of the following and save what you find most helpful:



  • Poetry -

    what is the message of the poem?

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