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A major corporation is building a 4325 acre complex of homes, offices, stores, schools, and churches in the rural community of Glen Cove. As a result of this development, the planners have estimated that Glen Clove's population (in thousands) t yr from now will be given by the following function.
P(t) = (35 t^2 + 125t + 200)/(t^2 + 6 t + 40)

(a) What is the current population of Glen Cove?

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    The population (in thousands) at year t is given by
    P(t) = (35 t^2 + 125t + 200)/(t^2 + 6 t + 40)
    where t is the number of years from the current year, or current year means t=0.

    So calculate P(0) by putting t=0 on the right hand side of the equation to get
    P(0) = (35 (0)^2 + 125(0) + 200)/((0)^2 + 6 (0) + 40)

    I get P(0) = 5 (means population=5000)

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