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Why is studying French important?
Why do we study French in Canada?

Studying French is important because it's one of the offical languages of Canada, and so it brings in a lot of good job oppurtunities with it. It is also good for travel, its an advantage for your career, and its a really useful skill.

I don't know about the second one?

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    French is one of the two official languages of Canada.

    The Official Languages Act ((Broken Link Removed) has three objectives, one of which is to:
    "advance the equal status and use of English and French".

    So studying French throughout the country (and English in the provinces where French is dominant) will help achieve this objective.

    All the advantages in the answer to question 1 still apply.

    You will also find other relevant information in the link above.

  • French -

    I cant open the link for some says page not found...

  • French -

    Try this link.

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    Try this again:

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    If I may interject something! Many of my students spoke Korean at home, English in their other classes and I got them for either French or Spanish. Here is what happens:

    learn how to develop a dual track (one native language and learning one new one) and THEN there is no stopping you! You can add a 3rd much more easily, then a forth - no stopping you! May I say I speak from experience having studied 19 languages and wrking on my 20th = but no time!

    Another "truth" is: you don't USE it, you LOSE it, and I've lost most of mine now! :)

    Sra, (aka Mme)

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