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Thank you very much for helping me.
I just need you to check these sentences I'm still doubtful of.

1)He is compared to a cannon loaded to the muzzle with facts determined to "bombard" his pupils with them
2)The depiction of the two pupils is achieved through contrasts. Sissy is described as black-haired and black-eyed.
3) She stands for the world of imagination. Her physical description is in antithesis to Bitzer’s, who is fair-haired, anaemic and colourless. 4) He is obviously a product of Mr. Gradgrind’s soulless education. He represents the world of facts which is completely devoid of feelings.
5)Coketown, the fictional setting of “Hard Times”, is based on Preston, now part of greater Manchester, where Dickens went to report on a long-standing strike.
6) Coketown was a town of red brick, full of machinery and tall chimneys, from which smoke coiled up like snakes. Dickens uses two similes to describe its dull appearance. (Is that ok to use the simple past for the description of the town and the present to refer to Dicken's use of the language?)

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    1) ahould have an ending period.

    6) why not? When you speak/write about literature, it is perfectly permissible to use the "historical present." Just be sure that you do not confuse the reader with "shifting sequence of tense."


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