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I made a few changes to my previous sentences. That's why I'm posting them back to you. Can you see if everything is OK?

1)It is a whitewashed room, in which the boys and the girls are sitting in two compact bodies separated from one another by a space in the middle.
2) Mr Gradgrind is teaching his schoolchildren the importance of facts.
3) He has devoted his entire life to pursuing facts.
4) He is described as carrying a rule, a pair of scales and a multiplication table always in his pocket.
5) His surname is symbolic of the utilitarian philosophy he embodies. It consists of “grade”, which indicates a particular level of quality of a product, and “grind”, which means crushing into powder.
6) As a matter of fact, he crushes his students with facts to make them achieve the best results ( I don’t know how too express this).
7) Actually, he believes that any part of human nature can be measured and weighed through arithmetical figures. 8) Nothing can dissuade him from this belief. He refers to his pupils as “little pitchers” who are to be filled with a superficial factual knowledge.

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    Choose the five that you are truly questioning please.

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