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Research and Statistics

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I want to ensure I've done this problem correctly. Thanks!
3. In one elementary school, 200 students are tested on the subject of Math and English. The table below shows the mean and standard deviation for each subject.
Mean SD
Math 67 9.58
English 78 12.45

One student’s Math score was 70 and the same individual’s English score was 84. On which exam did the student do better?
Math Score Z-Score = 0.313152
Math Score Percentile Rank = 62.2918th
English Score Z-Score = 0.481928
English Score Percentile Rank = 68.5072th
The student did better on the English test because they ranked in a higher percantile than the Math test (68.5072th percantile versus 62.2981th percantile).

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