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Hi~ Thank you for your help~
Imagine you are on an island and you have two coconuts. The coconuts are launched with the same initial velocity. The trajectory of coconutA is such that coconutA goes very high, but falls not much farther from the spot it was launched. The trajectory of coconutB is such that coconutB goes not as high as coconutA, but falls much farther from the spot it was launched. Which coconuts hits the ground first?

Apparently the answer is supposed to be coconutB, but could you explain why, because I do not understand why...
Thank you very much

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    Coconut A goes higher, and takes longer to come down. Since A lands close to the launch point, it must have been fired nearly straight up.

    Cocout B comes down first

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    So A is more slowed down on its ascent than B, (but then wouldn't A be more sped up on its descent?

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