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Appendix B

Answer each question below. Answers should be approximately 100 words per question.

1. What are the primary roles of media delivering news to the public?

2. What is the significance of immediate news media delivery on culture?

3. What are the social responsibilities of news media?

4. What are important ethical and legal considerations in the online world?

5. Describe the importance of ethical and legal compliance in online interactions.

6. What are the various information delivery methods to audiences?

7. What are the main advantages and disadvantages of modern media delivery?

8. Explain the effect of relationships among TV, movies, and electronic games and culture.

9. How is culture reflected in movies and television?

10. Describe the relationship between television and movies and culture.

11. Explain the effect of electronic games on culture.

12. What are some of the most influential and important games released to the general public within the last few years? Why are they important?

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  2. Omeka

    8. The effects of relationship among TV, movies, and electronic games, and culture. Of course each of these things must be sensored and be age appropriate for the audience. Each one has its way on attracting the audience by means of advertising and marketing. All have their critics and fans to give opinions on their products and services. In each group there are sex, violience,nudity,and killing which our children from all cultures seems to be attracted to from all these media technologies. It's up to the parents and family members to teach our culture that these thing are not real and its up to the audience to know what we should introduce to our young culture so that they will have a better out look on how our world should be at peace whether it be through the media or the audience or through cultural leadership. Each of these media's has it own flaws but it up to the audience to keep thing in control and sensored.

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  4. Omeka

    9. Culture is reflected in movies and television by way of veiwing how the home audience would be like or live their lives. Sometimes they try to produce a change in how we should look, see, feel, and what we should wear. They can be bias and may sterotype on the way the public should act, look, and be. Television and movies are entertainment for the audience to view. Somethings are facts, fiction, and non-fiction. There are good programs and bad programs which is non-sensored and sensored. Television and movies has each culture with good images and bad images which is just for entertainment to keep the audience from being bored.

  5. Omeka

    10. The relationship between television,movies,and culture is that they all market themselves and promote their own images of each culture. They advertise a image of what they want things to be like. They all try to show cultural heritage for the audience to share laughter, suspense, mysteries, horror, and cries

  6. Omeka

    11. The effects of electronic games on culture has this marketing for their product a hip and hype thing to get or do. These game has each culture in a trance in which it could be a positive thing or negative thing. Most of these electronic games promote violence, education and fitness for all cultures to be entertained. Everyone seems to go for the violent games which has a lot of action in it. I disapprove of the violent games because all the killing it has in it, which makes our culture seems to enjoy the acts which is on these games. Hopefully they don't try to do these things they see on these games. We need to figure out how to make a game with just action instead of violence.

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