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computer programming

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small startup software developer company needs to create a program that will calculate the pay of its employees. For the third version of the program, the company wants the program to accept an employee’s name, the number of hours the employee worked, and the hourly pay rate. The program will then calculate the gross pay, display the employee’s name, number of hours worked, pay rate, and gross pay, but also calculate and display the net pay of the person after taxes have been calculated and deducted. The user will then be able to continue calculating the pay for additional employees until the user decides to stop or until the maximum number of employees is reached. include a loop that allows the user to continue processing employee pay until the program user wants to stop or the maximum number of employees is reached. For the maximum number of employees declare a constant to hold the value and set the constant value to 250. Write thePseudocode, Create the hierachy chart, desk check,and create visual logic flow chart.

What would the hierachy chart look like and how do i make a desk check

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