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The length of a rectangular flower garden is 6 more feet than its width. A walkway 3 feet wide surrounds the outside of the garden. The total area of the walkway itself is 288 square feet. Find the dimensions of the garden.

  • MATH: Pre-Cal/Trig -

    A = wL
    x = width of garden
    x + 6 = length of garden
    Area of garden = x(x + 6)

    x + 6 = width of garden and walkway
    x + 6 + 6 = x + 12 = length of garden and walkway
    Area of garden and walkway =
    (x + 6)(x + 12)

    Area of garden and walkway - 288 = area of garden

    (x + 6)(x + 12) - 288 = x(x + 6)
    Solve for x, width of garden
    x + 6 = length of garden

  • MATH: Pre-Cal/Trig -

    18 by 24

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