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which farction is closet in vaule to 1 ?
A.3/5 B.2/3 C.1/2 D.7/10

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    I suggest you convert these fractions to decimals. Then you can easily determine their relative values.

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    Convert all the fractions to fractions with the same denominator, using the LCD.

    A. 18/30
    B. 20/30
    C. 15/30
    D. 21/30

    Now, wouldn't the largest fraction be closest in value to 1?

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    think about it pleaase?

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    We will not give you the answer. But helper and I gave you two different ways of finding the answer.

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    How did you get 1/2?

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    1/2 is only half away from 1 whole

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    1/2 is the farthest from 1 whole. Th other three are closer. Using the equivalents that helper posted, which one is closest to 1?

    Hint: 30/30 = 1

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    Apparently we're not able to help you. Please ask you teacher to explain this problem to you.

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    7/10 as when divided equals o.7 which is closer to 1.

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    7/10 = 21/30

    That's the largest fraction and is closest to 1.

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