10th grade Chemistry

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Will Na2CrO4 react exactly the same as Na2CrO7 when mixed with Pb(NO3)2

  • 10th grade Chemistry -

    Sorry I meant Na2CrO4 and Na2Cr2O7 and basically i need to know if they react exactly the same with different elements

  • 10th grade Chemistry -

    I don't know if they react with all elements the same. I do know that Pb(NO3)2 reacts with BOTH Na2CrO4 and Na2Cr2O7 to produce the same product of PbCrO4.
    CrO4^-2 is the product in basic solution and Cr2O7^-2 is the product in acid solution. The two are shown below as a reaction.
    2CrO4^-2 + 2H^+ ==> Cr2O7^-2 + H2O
    I suspect the correct answer is to say that the product depends upon the pH of the reaction mixture. In highly acid solution the dichromate prevails and in basic/neutral solution the chromate predominates.
    Dichromate is a stronger oxidizing agent than chromate.

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