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Is there anybody out there that can give me the answer to this problem I have tried but I can't get it. I really need to turn in my work. Thank you (4,-8); 2x+5y=4

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    You didn't state your problem.

    Are you finding a new equation
    parallel to the given line ?
    perpendicular to the given line ?

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    2x + 5y = 4
    Add -2x to both sides
    5y = -2x + 4
    divide both sides by 5
    y = -2/5 y + 4/5
    So, slope m = -2/5

    Perpendicular lines, the slopes are negative reciprocals of each other.
    Slope = -2/5
    m1 * m2 = -1
    -2/5 * m2 = -1
    m2 = -1/(-2/5)
    m2 = 5/2

    Now you have to find b, for the equation of the perpendicular line.
    y = mx + b
    m = 5/2
    y = 5/2 x + b
    P(4, -8)
    -8 = 5/2 (4) + b
    -8 = 20/2 + b
    -8 = 10 + b
    -18 = b

    y = 5/2 x + b
    y = 5/2 + -18
    y = 5/2 - 18

    Follow these exact steps.

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