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physics. need help fast

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A 5kg bullet fired from a gun at 725m/s becomes embedded in a .50kg block of wood that is free to move along a surface and the coefficient of friction .355 between the surface and block of wood. find the distance it slides acroos the table.

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    LOL had the same question as you, this is the help I got:

    Use conservation of momentum to get the initial velocity of the block with imbedded bullet.

    Then set the initial kinetic energy of block & bullet equal to the work done against friction, and solve for trhe sliding distance.

    Check to make sure the bullet weight is really 5 kg. That is more like a cannonball. I suspect it is really 5 g.

  • physics. need help fast -

    can you tell me the formulas to use

  • physics. need help fast -

    Now that you've had the help, have you tried applying it?

  • physics. need help fast -

    yes, but i don't think that i am applying it the right way.

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